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The Antarctic Fire Angels (AFA) was born at the Women in the Fire Service (WFS) Training and Development event in 2019.

Keynote speaker, Sophie Montange from the Army’s Ice Maiden team said that, “We wanted to show women what women are capable of.” This statement, along with Sophie’s infectious passion was the inspiration behind our whole expedition.

The plan was to take a team of female firefighters across Antarctica “To inspire women and tackle the stigma of mental health.” Throughout this journey the AFA team will share their reasons for taking on Antarctica and what they hope to achieve.

In October 2019, the AFA’s had their first team meeting and they were all determined to make this happen. By November 2019, the team went live and the journey has snowballed from there!

The AFA team are on their way to making history, all thanks to one team of women inspiring other women.

“Ordinary women doing extraordinary things.”

The Angels

Georgina Gilbert

George is co-founder of the Antarctic Fire Angels and Team Leader of the Wales team known as WAFA. She has been a firefighter for 20 years and currently serves with South Wales Fire and Rescue service...


Becky Hinchley

After 6 years of being a Regular Soldier in the British Army, Becky realised her dream of being a firefighter in 2019 and now does so for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service...



From playing international sport to working in typically male dominated environments Bex knows no boundaries when it comes to...


Emily Butler

After an arson attack on her parents farm, and witnessing the incredible work the firefighters did to save it, Emily knew at 15 that she wanted to be a firefighter...



Nikki knew from the moment she met a female firefighter at a London Brigade open day that this was the job she wanted to do and in 2009 she...



Conquer Antarctica

We are training to ski 1,130 Km from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole in November 2023. This journey will be unassisted and unsupported, pulling 85+ Kg pulks (supply sleds) in temperatures as low as -50c with possible wind speeds of over 60 mph in approximately 55 days. That’s more than 20 Km every day.

Conquering this route using mind and muscle power alone will be a World’s First, as this has never been achieved by an Emergency Services team before.

To make this incredible expedition happen, we need to raise £400,000 to support us with training, equipment, nutrition, technology and specialist technical support.


We will be raising vital funds for our 2 nominated charities:

Your help will enable us to make our vision a reality and assist people in emergency services that are living with trauma and injury.

Empowering women

We aim to eradicate the gender stereotypes that can stop young women from entering male dominated industries.

We want to support women and girls to have a career in whatever they choose.



Raise awareness

Another major aspect of our expedition to Antarctica is to tackle the stigma of mental health.
As firefighters we know how much mental health matters.
We want to help raise awareness and smash the stigmas of mental health.

It is ok to not be ok.

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