Pioneering a new route, George and Bex have successfully skied from Union Glacier to Constellation Inlet and to the South Pole in 52 days, 10 hours and 30 mins

George and Bex

Both wholetime fire fighters with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS)

and Mid & West Wales Fire Service (MAWWFS) respectively.

With a total service amounting to over 30 years between them, they are a highly respected professional partnership that lead by example and aspire to be positive female role models to future generations, young girls and women across the globe.

After sucessfully completing their South Pole expedition in January 2024, they are now planning and building the Fire Angel Foundation which will see female Fire Cadets and Girl Guides embark on a three month program, culminating in a mini expedition in Sweden where they will build self esteem, confidence and learn to support eachother during times of adversity.

Accomplished public speakers, George and Bex have a huge story to tell of their lives, the epic expedition they planned and embarked on in 2023 and life as a female fire fighter, working in male dominated environments.

They are also Ambassadors for 2Wish, UK Fire Cadets and Girl Guiding.

Georgina Gilbert

George has been a firefighter for 26 years and currently serves with South Wales Fire and Rescue service and is now proud to be called a polar explorer!


Rebecca Openshaw-Rowe

From playing international sport to working in typically male dominated environments Bex knows no boundaries when it comes to…


Keynote Speakers

Both George and Bex are available for public speaking opportunities, either together or as individuals.

With comments such as “Inspirational women”, “Utterly inspiring”, “Humble” “Intrepid” and “History makers” they are the obvious and natural choice for any institution looking to hire a key note speaker for their event –

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times but the memories we have made will stay with us forever and used to inspire others”

– Antarctic Fire Angels, Emergency Services Times

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Current projects

Public Speaking

Planning such an epic expedition comes with the enevitability of gaining vast amounts of experience in resilience, patience, adaption, sucess and failure.

Public speaking is something we have been doing for some time but, now that the expedition is complete, we want to share everything that we have learnt.  Not only about planning an expedition like ours but what we learnt as beginners in the field, being women in this area of exploration and how we learnt to “take part in our own survival” – a term we coined early on in our training when it came to the most arduous elements of our training.

Mindset means everything on expeditions, regarless on how long or short they are.  We spent four years working on our mental resilience and we pulled on every mental sinew we had to get to the South Pole.  This mental resilience is applicable to every day life and a topic we are passionate about sharing.

You can book us via our email addresses –

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We continue to raise vital funds for our nominated charity:

Firefighters Charity

Your help will assist people in emergency services that are living with trauma and injury.

You can donate via our Just Giving page here:

Antarctic Fire Angels Expedition – Just Giving

Or click on the “Donate” botton on the home page

Working as ambassadors

We are incredibly excited and humbled to be invited to become ambassadors for

Fire Cadets UK

Girl Guiding (regional) –


We are also working alongside The Princes Trust, donating our experience to such a wonderful charity to engage, enable and empower girls to believe in themselves and look toward a brighter future.

Fire Angel Foundation

Through the year, we will be developing our Fire Angel Foundation.

Working with girls from UK Fire Cadets and Girl Guiding, we’ll be introducing them to elements of exploration life and to what we, as polar explorers, have had the privilage to experience.

A three month program will see the young women learn to support eachother, not only in what they learn but also in what actions they take.  Our rationale being if girls can learn to support girls, then this will envirably mean that they will support eachother as women, something we all crave but dont necissarily implement until it is too late.

Our mission is to be proactive and not reactive.


The Fire Fighters Charity provides confidential, personalised support to the entire fire services community. They deliver mental health, physical health and social wellbeing services at their centres, remotely, online and in communities around the UK. Championing the health and wellbeing of all those they support, with the aim to ensure their beneficiaries can live well, for life. The charity supports all fire and rescue service personnel, whatever their role.

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