Sustainability statement

Vision –

The Antarctic Fire Angels are committed to reducing their impact on the environment.  We strive to improve our environmental performance over time and aim to carry out our activities in a manner that minimises our impact on the environment.  

Mission –

The Antarctic Fire Angels are committed to making their expedition, associated challenges, and initiatives sustainable through common individual and team goals. Our commitment to the environment is as individuals, as a whole team, and the community in which we operate.  

Definition –

The Antarctic Fire Angels define sustainability as the fundamental balance between the social, economic, and environmental aspects of our everyday actions, natural resources, and the needs of current and future generations. We believe that sustainability requires intergenerational empathy – our collective actions today will ensure healthy communities and a healthy planet for future generations.

Scope –

The Antarctic Fire Angels are a team of 3 Firefighters traversing 1,130km across Antarctica, from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole in November 2023. This statement is relevant to all our activities relating to the preparation and participation in the expedition. We will describe our team’s vision and mission, our definition of sustainability and core values, how the sustainability strategy identifies areas of focus for the team.

Objectives and targets –
  • Comply with all applicable environmental regulations.
  • Prevent visual and environmental pollution whenever possible.
  • Communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to the people or organisations we meet, as well as our wider community.
  • Continually improve over time by striving to measure our environmental impacts and by setting goals to reduce these impacts each year.

Strategy and implementation –

The team, as well as themselves as individuals aim to minimise their environmental impact by using recognised strategies such as car sharing; using sustainable products; reducing product air miles by procuring from source; using products that are not harmful to the environment; using products that minimise plastic waste as well as other initiatives as and when they become visible or appropriate.

Overarching statement –

Our prescribed sustainability framework will link our mission, our core values and expedition to our carbon neutral ambition.

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