Frost, Fire & Fortitude

Georgina Gilbert

Duncan J White talks with George & Bex about their forthcoming trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole

Hit Play Not Pause

Georgina Gilbert

Hot flashes, cold plunges and pushing the limits in peri-menopause with Georgina Gilbert…

London Welsh Rugby Club

Rebecca Openshaw-Rowe

Antarctic Fire Angel Bex made a guest appearance on the Rugby Club’s Podcast. Have a listen to find out more about her…

The FireFighter’s Podcast

George Gilbert & Rebecca Openshaw-Rowe

Antarctic Fire Angel George and Bex talk to Pete Wakefield about the expedition, Firefighting, inspiration and all things in between…

New Leap – Fighting Fire & Ice

Nikki Upton

Nikki joins us to discuss her work as a firefighter, as well as the incredible expedition that she and the Antarctic Fire Angels are undertaking in 2023…

BBC Sounds LGBT+ Sport Podcast

Rebecca Openshaw-Rowe

Bex talks about her amazing multistory career as a Welsh Rugby star, and her latest huge challenge with the Antarctic Fire Angels…

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