14th-28th March 2021

Expedition Training


This is a 2 week mini-expedition for us to learn and develop our skills surrounding skiing, tent packing and unpacking, pulk pulling, packing and unpacking, and generally testing the systems and routines that will see us safely through the expedition. This will be our biggest learning curve so far and a big step closer to the main event of Antarctica in regards to skills and development.

School Initiative

We want to inspire the next generation.

We have a fantastic school package available that we can deliver to your school or class, where they will learn all about Antarctica! Beci Newton will be leading on this initiative as part of her new role in the team as ‘Guardian Angel’ to help engage and encourage the next generation.

They can also get on board with our Elisabeth Sews Bears Initiative to support our expedition!

We suggest a minumum donation for this service. This service is also dependent on logistics.

If you’re interested Contact us for more information.

Silent Auction

Welcome to the Silent Auction! Here you will find lots of unique and inspiring packages coming soon and any of them could be yours.  

What do you need to do? If you see something you like click ‘Place Bid’ to contact us. Simply state your name, the amount you would like to bid and why you would like the item/service.

Winners will be contacted via email after the closing date. Good luck!

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