August 2022

Crevasse Rescue


Some of the Angels will be travelling to Chamonix in France to undertaking a practical course in Crevasse Rescue. These are critical skills in order to see the team safely through any crevasse fields they may come across in Antarctica.

November 2022

Expedition Training


The Angels will be undertaking a mini expedition in order for them to put together skills they have learnt over the past two years such as Nordic skiing dragging their supply pulks, and perfecting camp craft.

School Initiative

We want to inspire the next generation.

We have a fantastic school package available that we can deliver to your school or class, where they will learn all about our expedition, our roles as Firefighters, and Antarctica!

We can either deliver this session in person or virtually, and we suggest a minumum donation for this service. In-person delivery is dependent upon logistics.

We also run an initiative with Elisabeth Sews, where she is able to collect some of your school’s uniform and turn it into a very special Memory Bear.

If you’re interested please Contact us for more information.

 Public Speaking

The Antarctic Fire Angels are competent public speakers, able to deliver professional talks covering a range of topics to your company.

If you or your company are interested in booking one of the Angels to do a talk, please enquire here to get the ball rolling. We charge a pre-agreed fee for this service.

Nikki's Specialist Topics:

  • Exercise and it’s affect on mental health
  • The power of positivity
  • Relationships with nutrition
  • Body image & acceptance

Becky's Specialist Topics:

  • Benefits of outdoors on mental health
  • How to embracing change
  • Travelling
  • Role models
  • Advocacy

Georgina's Specialist Topics:

  • Gender stereotypes and female empowerment
  • Menopause
  • Inclusion
  • Inspiring future generations
  • Lived experiences

Emily's Specialist Topics:

  • Invisable illnesses and psoriasis
  • Mental health
  • Body image
  • Benefits of being outdoors

Rebecca's Specialist Topics:

  • Resilience & recovery from injury
  • Taking risks & dealing with failure
  • Motivation strategies
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mentoring
  • Inspiring future generations
  • Female empowerment

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