January 2022

Expedition Training


The Angels will be undertaking a practical course to teach them valuable skills in polar survival, whilst practicing the vital elements that will be prominent in Antarctica, such as Nordic skiing & dragging their supply pulks.

March/April 2022

Expedition Training


The Angels will revisit Umea in Sweden and be able to fine-tune their tent and camping routines that they learnt there in October 2021. This will be a great opportunity for the team to work together to problem-solve and learn more skills they will need for the Antarctic.

School Initiative

We want to inspire the next generation.

We have a fantastic school package available that we can deliver to your school or class, where they will learn all about Antarctica! Beci Newton will be leading on this initiative as part of her new role in the team as ‘Guardian Angel’ to help engage and encourage the next generation.

They can also get on board with our Elisabeth Sews Bears Initiative to support our expedition!

We suggest a minumum donation for this service. This service is also dependent on logistics.

If you’re interested Contact us for more information.

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